Elephants and Sirens

Could you be the Next Elephants and Sirens Girl / Boy??

In Model on March 26, 2010 at 9:58 am

We wont deny that we are E X H A U S T E D – but we felt the need to say “Goodnight” to you all and to let you know what we have been up to! Working two weeks straight is no fun without showing you all of our hard work! And by showing you, we’ll show you how T I R E D we look (note:Kat’s sunglasses, she feels like donkey dook).

We just shot our first Elephants and Sirens Model tonight – she was amazing with her perfect porcelain doll face. The photos turned out much better than we thought!You should probably stay tuned – ‘cuz we’ll be posting those all ova the internet *hehehe*.

We are currently looking for more Elephants and Sirens fresh new faces! Could that be you? Send us your photos! :


We L O V E YOU! (In a kind of awkward way….)
M & K xo

  1. You young biz entrepreneurs ROCK!!! Monica, Kat, It’s quite a unique piece of art to enjoy next to me. Not displayed on a wall or anywhere in my house I cannot see if I am not around. Sort of a beautiful piece that expresses beyond me to others. Spectacular!!!

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