Elephants and Sirens

Never gonna let YOU go…..

In T-Shirts on May 5, 2010 at 3:06 am

We’re talking about YOU T-shirt! The one who never got away. You’ve always been there by our side : sweating it out in those crazy unforgettable concerts, forgiving us through wash after wash after wash, falling asleep with us in random places- who cares where we were; we still had you, watching those tear-jerking movies – you’ve always had a shoulder to cry on, getting some belligerent battle scars together…..and febreezin’ it up 😉 .

We’d like to give you a A gold metal of honor for being so ….. “OG”

And by doing so, we’re gonna modernize you, love you, stud muffin you up like you aint never seen yourself. It’s time for some strong lovin’

You deserve it.

So when you get back to “schoolin” you can throw those animal cookies away, because you won’t be needin’ those to stay Crescent Fresh.

Stay fresh.

Stud it up.

and keep on shreddin’.


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