Elephants and Sirens

944 Magazine : Los Angeles

In 944 Magazine, Carl Lindstrom, Posso the DJ, Silversun Pickups on June 13, 2010 at 2:51 am

Carl Lindstrom , Photographer of June 2010 Music issue for 944 Magazine , shot some of the most influential indie female mucisians of 2010. Not to mention the talented bassist Nikki Monninger of Silversun Pickups is wearing  Elephants And Sirens single White Elephant earring, while raising a bow and arrow high in the sky, ready for her attack.

944 mag


The multi-talented Carl Lindstrom doesn’t stop there.  He’s captured the faces of many other talented Artists / Mucisians, including the babes of Posso the DJ wearing some of our most adored pieces of Elephants and Sirens :

posso the dj

Mary Louise (on the Left) is wearing the Sirens Earring , while Vanessa (on the Right) rocks two of the Elephants and Sirens The Headdress Hair Band , used as two feathered shoulder accessories. The gorgeous ladies of Posso the DJ’s also have an amazing line called : Posso the Spats – where they make unique high-fashion pump covers and accesories out of leather, crocodile, and so much more.

For more of Carl Lindstrom’s amazing work :


Thanks Mr. Lindstrom

xo Mon & Kat


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