Elephants and Sirens


In Uncategorized on August 1, 2010 at 8:16 am

Have we really been THAT busy , we forgot to give you the inside scoop on how EPIC our Silverlake Summer Yard Sale went?!?!

Those of you who didn’t get out of bed in time (doesen’t matter , we didnt even start until 11:30 am any way! ) you missed out on some amazing peices! I heard the bells ringin’ when multiple bags of FREE PEOPLE came out to PARTAAYY!!! And yes! We still have MORE!

Elephants and Sirens were a HIT (pow pow!) with our amazing SPECIAL deals! and what’s that?! You missed out?! psh!

$0.25 Lemonade brought back memories of those summer breezy days when everything was eaaaaaaazzzyyyyyyy.

and yes, we even had Silverlake’s fashion squad on board to help with the sale (you girls have a RAD wardrobe).

We couldn’t believe this was even a YARD SALE! —- more like, your out door, beer chuggin, tan bronzin, fashion scoutin’ , thrift store??

okay okay , so maybe I was a little bit harsh on the “you missed out” ordeal, because here’s your chance to redeem yourself….

we’re havin another one!!!!!!!!! and this time, with DUDE BABE CLOTHES 🙂 ha!

Stay tuned!


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