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BEAR CAT! |\\| rAwR |\\|

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BEAR CAT! |\\| rAwR |\\|

We are now in one of the hottest vintage shops in Long Beach — > BEAR CAT! They literally have everything rad and amazing , from vintage one of a kind pieces to Los Angeles’ upcoming designers. Click on the photo of the pretty Bear Cat model and purchase some Elephants and Sirens. You can also browse their store location :

2225 East Broadway,
Long Beach, CA, 90803
(562) 439 – 3709

Open Tues-Sat 11am-7pm

Love and Light!




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Solis flew me out to their Las Vegas location to style the new As Is  Spring Collection! 🙂 I was blessed and so happy to have met such wonderful , and talented models , photographers , and of course being able to see my good friends Sam and Jenn!

You can purchase their new As Is Arrivals : http://www.SolisCompany.com (you have up until the end of the month before this special sale ends!)


I was even able to make some new E&S Designs for this upcoming Holiday! 🙂 So here’s a sneak peak!!



E&S New Feather Earrings with Gold Chain



E&S New Feather Earring (Left) and (Right)



E&S New Hair Piece (Left)



E&S New Back Hair Piece and Single Feather Earring with Gold Chain



E&S The Sirens single pair



E&S Hair Peice (Left)


Special Thanks :

Photographer : Andy Yeum and Emi

Model : Chloe Hazan and Dwayne Kennedy

Solis Company

As Is Collection

Tat2 Jewlery

DyOh Spiritual Jewlery

Slow (located on Melrose in LA — Best Vintage clothing EVER!)



More Photos to come!







Sarah Taylor : Model / Art Muse

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The Desert Queen

Undeniably gorgeous and beautiful , Sarah Taylor is anything and everything but JUST a pretty – doll – face.

Sarah Taylor has soft delicate fingers  and a ravenous mouth to feed, while Devouring hunted prey on sacred grounds.  She is half woman and half animalistic in her spiritual realm.

This Native American / Korean  beauty has taken Elephants And Sirens to a land of rich sands



“New World”




sarah taylor

Elephants and Sirens : “The Sirens” and “Sand Circle Scarf w/ Chains”

xo Special Thanks xo 

Photographer : Simon Needham

Additional Wardrobe  : As Is Collection and Tat2 Fine Jewlery




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Have we really been THAT busy , we forgot to give you the inside scoop on how EPIC our Silverlake Summer Yard Sale went?!?!

Those of you who didn’t get out of bed in time (doesen’t matter , we didnt even start until 11:30 am any way! ) you missed out on some amazing peices! I heard the bells ringin’ when multiple bags of FREE PEOPLE came out to PARTAAYY!!! And yes! We still have MORE!

Elephants and Sirens were a HIT (pow pow!) with our amazing SPECIAL deals! and what’s that?! You missed out?! psh!

$0.25 Lemonade brought back memories of those summer breezy days when everything was eaaaaaaazzzyyyyyyy.

and yes, we even had Silverlake’s fashion squad on board to help with the sale (you girls have a RAD wardrobe).

We couldn’t believe this was even a YARD SALE! —- more like, your out door, beer chuggin, tan bronzin, fashion scoutin’ , thrift store??

okay okay , so maybe I was a little bit harsh on the “you missed out” ordeal, because here’s your chance to redeem yourself….

we’re havin another one!!!!!!!!! and this time, with DUDE BABE CLOTHES 🙂 ha!

Stay tuned!

N.E.R.D. – Pharrel – Nelly Furtado “Hot & Fun” Music Video

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Whoa — It’s sizzilin up in this beast and Elephants And Sirens can’t stop shakin what their momma gave them in this N.E.R.D – Pharrel – Nelly Furtado Music Video : “Hot & Fun”!!

Bring out a fan and ice coolers to rest your feet in , because its about to get desert hot in here ……..

We run wild with the pack of carnivorous wolves

Elephants and Sirens’ Mini Tour

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This must be exciting to know where our roots come from and where it all started – In our tiny little humble home 🙂

We wanted to invite you in and give you a mini tour of our work space to show you how hard we work when we think about your next big move on being a Stylin’ Babe.  Excuse the Mess – because what’s the point of being creative if we can’t be somewhat Messy?

Surrounded by creativity and consistently growing through challenging, yet wonderful experiences – this is our tactic on being who we are.

Thank you for your support!


Mon & Kat

Elephants and Sirens

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Elephants and Sirens


We begin our journey in solitary bliss with Mother Nature …….